How Do I Sell My Ebooks Successfully

I just really want to share my success story of making money with ebook to you guys.

Since the day I “officially” became a house wife, I decided to write my own cook book and share with food lovers on internet. My husband suggest that may be I can make an e­book and make some money with it, since raising two children cost you fortune 🙂 So I took his advice and made my first e­book of my secret recipes. Then my problem was how to promote my e­book for better sales.

When I browse some popular food blogs and forums, I found someone advertise their websites and business as banner ads on those sites. I decide to try for this and I click the banner ad which lead me to Clicksor sign up page. So there it is, I was assigned one of their account manager Alice who was really nice to me since I have no idea how online advertising works before that. She told me how to use their system to create and monitor my campaign. To be honest, I got trouble when I first use the system but Alice taught me well and I went through the problems quickly.

I bought their PPV traffic (seems to be pay per view) from US and CA. Alice helped me to set up the keywords so my ads were able to target the right group (food lovers obviously). There may be other steps but I cannot remember well, their system has one by one steps guide so you guys should not be worried about it. Also your account manager helps a lot.

My e­book sales boost up to $50 USD a day(use to be $15­-$25 a day), which is pretty good for me.

So many thanks to Clicksor and Alice. Highly recommend to people want to advertise their small business to groups on internet at an affordable cost.

You can truly make money with ebook. Try it, it worth the money.

How Do I Sell My Ebooks Successfully